Recipe ideas for
waffle mix

Be creative and invent dozens of way to waffle! In our opinion, it’s best to keep our fantastic recipe pure and simple without too many variations.
You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon or tiny dark chocolate drops to the wet mix and serve with your favourite plant-based syrup.
Too many additions will alter the texture of the already perfect, light, fluffy waffle. Instead, let your creativity run wild some exciting ways we came across to serve waffles to family & friends.

  • Mini waffles

    Ideal for breakfast. Our waffles are perfect as is; straight out the waffle iron with a drizzle of syrup or jazzed up with fruit, sweet toppings and ice cream for the ultimate dessert.

  • Waffle wedges

    Cut waffle into quarters, dip into delicious dark/milk chocolate and decorate.
    Serve hot or cold as party snacks.

  • Waffle pops

    Waffle on a stick! A winner with kids and teens.