Recipe ideas for
pancake mix

Pancake ideas for breakfast, brunch, dinner and dessert…. Our mix makes light, fluffy, wholegrain, sugar free pancakes ideal for sweet and savoury. Here are some of our favourites which will also feature on our social media posts.

  • Chocolate chip pancakes

    Add dark chocolate drops and a drizzle of light plant-based syrup.

  • Fruity breakfast pancakes

    Add fresh, frozen or dried bananas or blueberries into the mix after wet ingredients; enjoy with yoghurt and breakfast toppings

  • Sweet corn & spring onion pancakes

    Add a handful of cooked sweetcorn, finely chopped spring onions and generous pinch of salt to the wet mix before cooking.

  • Butternut squash & sage pancakes

    The ideal Sunday supper with leftover mix from breakfast. Add your leftover roast or mashed butternut squash to the wet mix with a generous amount of salt, pepper and a little finely grated parmesan or vegan cheese.

  • Apple or pear flambé pancakes

    Sweeten the dry mix with a large tablespoon of unrefined Demerra or white sugar. Cook pancakes in butter or plant-based spread (rather than oil). Peel and slice apple / pear crescents and flambé in a small frying pan with butter / vegan spread, dash of orange juice and Demerara sugar. Serve fruit on top of pancakes with a dollop of thick cream or plant-based ice cream.