Recipe ideas for
chocolate baking mix

Our 3-in-1 baking mix makes brownies, muffins or cake. Turn this multi-purpose chocolate baking mix into your own baking creation with these novel, recipe variations to try at home. Watch out for details of these recipes on our Instagram and Facebook posts…

  • Double-baked chocolate meringue brownie-cake
  • Vegan tahini chocolate brownies
  • Chocolate brownie with peanut butter mousse frosting
  • Double chocolate brownie zucchini cake slices
  • Decadent chocolate cake layered with ganache and dark chocolate glaze. Decorated with summer berries
  • Dark & white chocolate macadamia brownies

Celebration cakes can be crafted into any shape or size from our chocolate baking mix. It’s firm texture and delicious chocolate flavour won’t disappoint.

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