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Our Story

Hi!  I'm Catarina and I founded Hale & Hearty with my husband, Christian.

Like me, Christian loves healthy, wholesome food. He's a coeliac, which means he has to choose his food with great care. He's always bemoaned the fact that free-from food brands failed to excite his 'gourmet' palate, but it wasn't until we discovered our daughter's wheat and dairy intolerance that we decided to take positive action...

I searched for for biscuits, snacks and meal ideas for her restricted diet and was shocked to find that most free-from products contained mostly over-refined corn and potato starch and little else - ingredients that offer little or no nutrition to a growing child.  When our son arrived in 2010, we soon found out he was allergic to cows milk protein, eggs and fish. Poor Lucas! Some might say we're fussy eaters, but we're just your average 21st century family...

So, what to do? Christian identified the opportunity to launch a range of 'gourmet' free from foods, while my studies in Nutrition inspired me in the kitchen. I began developing recipes that met our dietary and culinary requirements and hey presto - Hale & Hearty was born. Some of these recipes are now among our most popular Hale & Hearty products!

That's our story: Christian has coeliac disease and a taste for fine foods, Ilaria is intolerant, Lucas has to avoid certain foods and I'm the health fanatic! What we share is a passion for food and the desire to enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet. That's why we do everything we can to ensure that our products are not only free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and key allergens but they are first and foremost, delicious and wholesome.

That way, we can all stay Hale & Hearty.

Hale & Hearty Foods Limited t/a Hale & Hearty
Registered Office: Unit 2.02, PLAZA, 535 Kings Road, London SW10 0SZ, United Kingdom
Registered in England 06484523