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Embracing Free-From Foods - A healthier diet!

Behind the Hale & Hearty name is a passionate and dedicated team of food lovers. Some of us avoid wheat, gluten and dairy because we have to; others simply want to enjoy a healthier unprocessed diet, rich in nutrients. The rest of us have converted because of all the deliciously wholesome samples going around the office!

We love our food and that’s why we took the time to discover and source a fanstastic variety of natural ingredients, including exotic flours and grains from around the world. Its helps us to develop a tastier, healthier range of free-from foods with more nutrients - such as fibre, protein and wholegrains, than many other ranges for special diets.

So, what comprises a Hale & Hearty mouthful? All of our products are certified wheat and gluten free, most are dairy free and even soya free, some contain wholegrains and omega-3 flax, while others contain organic ingredients. Many of our products are low GI, containing higer fibre, protein and wholegrains to control blood sugar levels. No wonder they're so healthy! We might be biased, but we think they're really tasty, as well.

Hale & Hearty Foods Limited t/a Hale & Hearty
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